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Our Leilani...
June 19, 2009

Dear Anthony,
I'm sorry it's taken me so long to write after receiving our Leilani back several weeks ago.

It had been so rough to lose Leilani. Abandoned at the Maui Humane Society, she was one of four dogs we brought back to Oregon to find a home for some six and a half years ago. Well, we ended up being that home for her.

I had promised Lei that she would never be abandoned again. Then, last summer, she went into kidney failure while we were in France. We thought she'd been stabilized from the heart failure she had been suffering from, but while we were gone, she became gravely ill.

When we returned to Oregon, I noticed how sweet Leilani appeared. I decided to start looking on the internet for a way to be able to keep Leilani's body and found your company.

I had my concerns, but when I saw our little Lei after all the months she was gone, I was so pleased to see how sweet and alive she looked. So many times I've looked at her and thought of such things like, "How did she get on the mantle?" Yep, Leilani is curled up and appears asleep on our fireplace mantle. When my neighbor saw her, she thought that we got a new dog. That's how alive she looks.

Some people think we're strange and maybe we are. But it is comforting to see our little girl resting here at home forever.

We're very grateful for the great work you do.


Anita Pace
Harriet Carpenter


Mr Squirmy...

Pictures of the babies...
August, 2008

Hello everyone there,

I know I said I would send you pictures of the babies a long time ago and I appologize for not doing it sooner. Also, these are not of them in there case. I will send those when I can figure out my camera. I would also like to thank you for using my name as a reference. The people I have spoken with are all very pleasent. I just hope that I can help them with their questions. I remember how it was to want to talk to someone about it. I can't thank all of you enough for all your help and understanding through such a hard time in my life. You really do care about the animal and the person, I believe that with all my heart. Keep doing what yall do best.

Best wishes hope all is well.

Randy and Tabatha Phillips

We got Minnie back...
February, 2008

She looks so perfect! I can't believe how perfect she looks. She's not messed up or dead looking at all. I can't wait to get Chip back and see him again. It's like we never lost Minnie at all in a way. When I think of how she'd wind up had we buried her lost forever and never see her again looking like this I'm so glad this was available to do to keep her forever. Thank you so much! I'll get E.T. , my pug to you as soon as I can. She's our 10yr old blind Pug that died last summer of heart failure and is still in the
freezer. We just didn't expect to lose Chip of cancer so unexpectedly or we would've sent her next. But I'll get her to you asap so they can both be coming home closer together. Thank you again so much for all your servises and any time any of our pets passes away (and we have many pets) we'll call you to make them beautiful forever so we won't ever have to say goodbye completely again.


P.S. My mother was fighting cancer when we brought Minnie to our home. It was during those last four months they told her she had to live and Minnie was her constant companion because she was sickly at the time too. They stayed together. We buried my mom with Minnie's original ID tag and her little t shirt she had to wear because she had no hair when we got her. It was especially
hard losing Minnie after my mom because of how close she was to her. It's in a way like we're glad we saved my mom's little dog from being lost forever because she was special to her. Thank you again.

My BOO...

The Return of My Poppi...
May, 2007

To Everyone at AEWS,

I finally received my Poppi last week!

I want to thank you and everyone who were involved with her preservation. She looks fantastic!! The time and care that was put into her certainly shows. I have phoned a few times on her progress and never felt that I was "bothering" anyone. All my questions were answered with sensitivity and knowledge. I truly felt as though all involved knew what I was going through. Les is wonderful!!

I am thankful that this procedure that has allowed her to be back home with me. I miss her tremendously and feel that having her back helps fill part of that void. I was nervous at first thinking I would not be able to handle her, just laying there, but after the inital return and tears, I do not regret having this procedure done. She is where she belongs.

Once again, THANK YOU....for allowing my angel to be with me again.


Elena ......of PA

About Nerok...
March, 2007

I received 'Nerok' today like you said I would. She looks great. Exactly like the picture and how I asked for her to be. She looks like she is comfortably sleeping. A guest came over and was astounded. They definitely want to do the same when their cat passes. I appreciate you accomodating me through the mail with all the explicit directions and providing all the materials. I didn't feel like I needed to scramble to find anything. Again, much thanks for the great work and your professionality in handling her. There is no such thing as a quick turn around when it comes to something so important as this. As a funeral director/embalmer, I have a curiosity (and only a curiosity) for other preservation techniques. So, I already knew how this should be done. Everyone else on the internet was claiming quick turnaround and spoke nothing of quality and technique which of course disturbed me immensely. You guys definitely backed up your website. Thank you! We(my fiancÚ and I) are so happy to have her home!

Most sincerely,


About Molly...
August, 2006

About J.J...
Sunday, 25 Jun, 2006
Dear Anthony Eddy:

I recieved J.J. my cocker spaniel last week. You did a wonderful job on him.

My little female cocker (JENA) Thinks he is all her's. He real son (JAX) cant get near him. But he would like to. Jena sleeps with him and protects him with her life. I am sending pics of the two of them.. It's hard to tell which one is alive.

Anyway thanks a million.. A job that is unbelievable well done!

Your friend...Debra B. from Tenn.

About my cat...
Wed, 05 Apr 2006
To all that worked on my beautiful cat,

Please know how completely pleased I am with the job you did with my cat. The pose he is in is so typical for him, a perfect result of the phone conversation we had before he was 'set', where you asked me the correct questions and carried out my answers perfectly. The very high level of skill and care that went into his work is most obvious and greatly appreciated.

His fur is just as silky as ever and he looks exactly like he used to. And even though I can never again hear his 'cordlike' voice or his frequent purring, it's good to know that at least his vocal chords and purring mechanisms (whatever they are) are still there. Not to mention how easy he is to take care of now and, considering he was an indoor/outdoor cat, that I'll never have to worry about where he is again.

The thing I find to be the most surprising, though, is how much I feel like a big part of a void in my life has been filled again, permanently! I never expected so good a result or such a good feeling from it.

Please know that the reason I chose you was that your web site made it clear that this would not be a fast process, while your competition emphasized speed. So, having a very long term view of all this, I went with you. If ever something was worth the wait, this is it for me!

Thanks again.

Appreciatively,  John K.

About Lucy...
January 15,2006
Dear Anthony
Thank you so much for the great job you and your staff did on my dog Lucy. It is amazing how life like she looks. I think the freeze - dry process is the only way to go with preserving animals. Up until now I had only read about the process and seen it on T.V. however you cannot realize the life like appearance of it till you see it first hand. Again thank you all and I will keep you in mind for any future pets and will highly recommend you to as many people as possible.
Yours truly, Rose and Bill

About Peanut...

Anthony Eddy's Wildlife Studio
315 North Main Street
Slater, MO 65349

Dear Anthony and Rosalyn,
I wanted to write and thank you fur the absolutely incredible work that you did on my pet, Peanut the basset hound. I had seen some of your work when I brought Peanut in to you after her death, and I was truly amazed at how natural the animals appeared. And that of course to me is the really impressive thing, your creative expertise in making the animals seem as if they are just observing you and resting, and not truly having passed from this life. At that time when I brought her in I got to see a beautiful golden cocker spaniel that had just been completed and was soon to be going home. She was so life like that I felt I should offer her a dog treat. This image always made me smile as I know how happy her family must have been to have her come home, and how thrilled they must have been to see what a wonderful transformation you brought about. When I had to leave my beloved pet behind with you, I was comforted that she would be loving and caring people.

I tried to refrain from anticipating what I would feel when I saw my beloved pet for the first time when I came to pick her up. Nothing could have prepared me for the joy and happiness in seeing her and being able to touch, pet, and kiss her again. I finally felt that my heart had mended and I could move forward. I had felt so incomplete after her death, and missed her so much. Having her back home with me has finally given me a sense of peace and joy that I never anticipated. When I had decided to have her freeze dried, I thought it would be just for me, as some family members looked at me kind of funny after hearing this. But now those family members are making unannounced stops during the day to just say hi--to me I presume, but also they just want to see Peanut again. Everyone who has been here to see her have all had the same reaction and the same words; "she looks so natural". And in that lies the beauty of your work. I so much appreciate your small touches that mean so much to me; the wrinkles of skin between her ears and eyes, and especially her little tuft of fluffy fur by her tail that we fondly called her "curly butt".

I also want to say thank you for all of your kindness and understanding in my phone calls to you. -You were always helpful and your patience was truly appreciated. Again, I can't thank you enough for the beautiful work done on Peanut. Please know that you are fondly thought of often, as without you I would not have my beautiful sweet girl back home with me.

Sincerely, Kathleen

About Meezer...
Dear Anthony Eddy and Staff,
We got our precious Meezer home this afternoon. We cannot believe how beautiful she looks. Your work is absolutely amazing.
Meezer looks as though she is sleeping..Both Richard and I feel like we have our "Darling Girl" back.

We can't thank you enough for your kindness and understanding.

It feels so good to have Meezer home and we are so glad that we made the decision to preserve her. We had no idea that Meezer would look so beautiful, or that we would have our pain eased so much by having her home with us. Seeing Meezer took the pain away.  Thank you so much. There are no words to express the comfort of having Meezer back home with us where she belongs.  Everyone was so kind and understanding while we waited for the process to be done. Once again thank you so much for your kindness and beautiful work.

Donna & Richard

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About Frankie...


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